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Welcome to Teton County Fire & Rescue – A Letter From Your Chief,  Nov 27, 2012 

Thank you for visiting our Web site, we appreciate your interest in learning more about Teton County Fire & Rescue. We hope you will find this site helpful and informative. Please take the opportunity to visit us at one of our stations; we are here to serve you.

The department is funded by a county-wide fire protection taxing district. The Fire District was created in 1996 by the people of Teton Valley and has grown with the community through the years. The department is committed to providing the highest level of emergency service possible in the most cost-effective manner.

The essential emergency services—fire protection, emergency medical, rescue, and hazardous materials response—are delivered from three fire stations. Sound financial planning and fiscal responsibility has enabled the department to stay well equipped and adequately staffed. Our firefighters are some of the finest I have had the pleasure to work with in my career.

Teton County Fire & Rescue is a “combination” department; our staffing model consists of well-trained, dedicated career and volunteer professionals. Combination departments provide the best value of service to the public. A backbone of full-time personnel is tasked with daily workload operations and maintenance tasks and is the immediate first responders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our reserve firefighters (volunteers) provide the necessary additional staffing and are a vital part of our program. This model is a balanced approach to meeting requirements for today’s fire service.

Speaking of value, most people never contemplate the triangular relationship that exists between themselves as the customer, the fire service, and the insurance industry. Consider this: the Idaho State Fire Marshal’s Office is a department of the Idaho Department of Insurance. A major factor in the cost of insurance for a home or business policy is the quality or level of fire protection. Fire departments are evaluated on a regular basis by an independent company that determines a fire protection class rating, like a report card, for the fire department’s service areas. As we strive to provide the best in life- and property-saving service, we also are working to lower the cost of insurance. The fire protection class rating is presently a “class 4.”

As public servants, we enjoy actively participating in community events and activities like Music on Main, the hot air balloon festival, figure-eight races, and Independence Day fireworks celebration. Public education activities are a very important part of fire prevention and are great opportunities to interact with the community. Our firefighters especially enjoy the time spent in the schools and with students touring the stations. We are particularly pleased with the very low rate of juvenile fire incidents. On or off the job, being part of the community you serve is very satisfying.

The fire service is a deeply rewarding vocation that demands the best a person has to offer. Being a firefighter is not for everyone and requires an unusual level of commitment and dedication. A firefighter’s life is full of blood, sweat and tears. I am immensely proud of our firefighters and honored to be a part of this department.



Chief Bret Campbell