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Rodney Teel (‘Sarge’)

Position: Captain
A firefighter in uniform sitting in front of a fire truck.

Years of Service: 1990 to Present – U.S. Army/Teton County Fire & Rescue
Hometown and Years in Teton Valley: My hometown is Idaho Falls, ID. I moved to Teton Valley in 1990 with the Army National Guard. I went Active Duty Guard in 1992 as the Fire Chief for the 938th Engr Det (FF) and returned to Teton Valley in 1999. I started with Teton County Fire & Rescue in 2009 and retired from the Army in 2011.
Personal Details (family and hobbies): I’m married with one daughter. I enjoy hunting and playing ice hockey on all of the adult leagues locally and in Idaho Falls.
Why did you want to become a firefighter?: Originally, I became a firefighter when I joined the Army National Guard; it was a way for me to help people. I put my training and experience to use during deployments to Iraq in 2003, where I received the Bronze Star for doing my fire duties on May 22, 2003. In 2005, I was deployed to New Orleans to assist after Hurricane Katrina, where we augmented the local firefighters.

Training Highlights: 

International Fire Service Accreditation Congress
Firefighter I & II
Aircraft Crash Rescue (ARFF)
ARFF Driver Operator
Driver Operator
Fire Instructor
Fire Officer
HAZMAT Awareness and Operations
National Fire Academy
Strategy and Tactics for Initial Company Operations
Preparation for Initial Company Operations
Command and Control Wildland & Urban Interface
Arson Investigation for the First Responder
Brannigan’s Building Construction
National Incident Management System (NIMS)
Incident Command System (ICS) 100
Incident Command System (ICS) 200
Incident Command System (ICS) 700
Incident Command System (ICS) 800
Idaho Emergency Services Training Programs
International Fire Codes/ Fire Inspector Sate of Idaho
Role of Company Officer
Fire Apparatus & Pump Maintenance
Flashover Training
Rapid Intervention Team
Auto Extrication Awareness and Operations
Basic Instructional Skills G265
Truck Company Operations
Wildland Training
S 130/190 Basic Wildland Fire Training
S231 Engine Boss
S215 Fire operations in the Urban Interface
Wildland Fire Cause & Determination
Multiple Company Operations
Air Idaho Rescue Safety & Landing Zone Officer
Search & Rescue I
Swift Water Rescue I
Rope Rescue
Incident Safety Officer (University of Burn to Learn (Washington State)
LPG Firefighting (Washington State)
Combination Flammable Liquid/LPG (Washington State)
Flammable Liquids I & II (Washington State)
Combat Lifesaver (U.S. Army)
Advanced Firefighting Techniques (U.S. Army)


Bronze Star Medal, United States Armed Forces – 2003
Unit Commendation Award