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Public Service Announcement: Annual Fire Inspections & Subdivision System Tests, Sep 4, 2014

As summer comes to a close, it is time for annual commercial fire inspections and subdivision fire protection system testing.

Fire inspections and system testing promote public safety. Teton County Fire & Rescue is dedicated to the protection of life and property for our valley’s citizens, visitors and businesses.

During a commercial fire inspection, we will look for exit signs, a clear path of egress, fire extinguishers (and their inspection dates), occupancy loads, electrical safety concerns, and other general items that can become an issue in the event of a fire.

While onsite, firefighters will create a Quick Action Plan (QAP) for your building’s layout, which indicates locations for utility shut-offs, hydrants, standpipes, and other fire department connections. These QAPs save critical time during an emergency response.

Inspections should not take more than a half hour, and the fire crew conducting the inspection will call to schedule an appointment in advance.

Subdivision fire protection systems should be tested by a reputable contractor who is registered with the Teton County Fire Protection District and has the necessary skills and equipment to evaluate each system’s capacity. Results of this test shall be submitted to the District annually, including documentation showing that an annual test was conducted, and a certified copy or affidavit showing the required capacities of the system were met.

Properly maintained water supplies are an essential part of fire protection, and your cooperation is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions or concerns, please call or email Division Chief Giles at 354-2760 or Thank you for your support and assistance.