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Press Release – August 23, 2012


Fire Chief Bret Campbell
Teton County Fire Protection District

Fire Department Acquires Free Vehicle to Fill Protection Void

Driggs, Idaho, August 23, 2012 — Teton County Fire & Rescue Department acquired a 2001 Colet, an airport rescue and fire fighting (ARFF) vehicle, which is often referred to as a “Crash Rescue Truck.” The vehicle comes to the department at no cost and fills a critical protection gap. Once the vehicle is serviced, operations guidelines are written, and fire personnel are trained, the Colet will be ready for service. Fire Chief Campbell predicts the Colet will be in service within two months.

Prior to acquiring this fire suppression and rescue vehicle, Teton County Fire & Rescue Department did not have the capacity to respond to an aviation emergency. With the growing air traffic at the Driggs-Reed Memorial Airport, this new service offering fills a critical gap in protection.

The Colet is used to contain aviation-related fires and aid in aviation-related rescues. This “pump and roll” vehicle delivers large quantities of vapor-suppressing, Class-B foam to suppress flammable-liquid fires and facilitate rescue of aircraft passengers.

Due to its proximity to the Driggs-Reed Memorial Airport, Fire Station #1 in Driggs will house the Colet. The department anticipates taking possession of the Colet by the end of August.