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Letter From Fire Chief Bret Campbell, Aug 1, 2017

The image shows a text document from Teton County Fire & Rescue with a logo, addressing their EMS system update.

Teton County Fire & Rescue

Teton County Fire & Rescue Celebrates Its First Anniversary as Fire-based EMS Provider        

August 1, 2017 — Today marks Teton County Fire & Rescue’s one-year anniversary operating as a wholly fire-based EMS provider. It has been our privilege and honor to fulfill our promise to continue the delivery of excellent pre-hospital emergency care while eliminating over a $500,000 of tax annually. The past year has been filled with opportunity, and we are extremely pleased with the success of the program.

Working with the Teton County Ambulance Service District Commissioners and Teton Valley Health Care staff and administration, the transition of service was smooth and seamless. We are grateful to these organizations’ personnel for their hard work and dedication to making a successful transition.

Over the past 12 months, we have answered more than 500 calls for ambulance services; logged hundreds of hours in additional EMS training; added a second Medical Director who possesses a Wyoming medical license; participated in a joint training program with Driggs-based Air Idaho helicopter ambulance service and Teton County Idaho Search and Rescue; established a EMS community involvement group; acquired a new ambulance; upgraded essential equipment; established new service agreements with Teton County, Wyoming; and obtained full licensure and compliance as a stand-alone Wyoming EMS agency.

Ongoing efforts will continue in the areas of updating policy and protocols that directly influence patient outcome and operational efficiencies, expanding quality management practices and procedures, acquiring customer experience data, and furthering collaborative relationships with all area health-based entities.

I am very proud of our excellent staff of Fire/EMS personnel and am extremely grateful to have the professional services of our Medical Directors, Dr. Eric Johnson and Dr. Edwin Wells. The EMS system has been a great success. It is a great honor and privilege to serve the people of Teton Valley. I encourage you to stop in to meet the fire/EMS crews, or visit our website and Facebook pages for news and announcements.

Stay Safe,
Bret Campbell, Fire Chief