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Jason Letham

Position: District 2 Fire Commissioner, Board Chair
Term: January 2026
A man in a black jacket and blue jeans standing before a background with technical drawings.

Years of Service: Volunteer Fireman – 18 years; Paid Call Fireman – 5 years; Commissioner – 9 years

Training Highlights: Trained when I started volunteering for the fire department back in the late 1980’s; it was a hands-on type of training. We learned it by just doing it. We were always teamed up with someone else with more experience and kept out of dangerous situations. We also had the opportunity to get specific training as a group once a month.

Hometown and Years in Teton Valley: Born and raised in Teton Valley. I am a 5th generation native of the Valley.

Personal Details (family and hobbies): Married with 4 children. Hobbies include working, working and more working.

Why did you want to become a firefighter/commissioner?: Firefighting is in my blood. My grandfather, Jim Park, was the Fire Chief and served Teton Valley for more than 40 years before he retired from the department. He said if he couldn’t lift a hose and fight a fire by himself, it was a sign that he was getting too old and that he needed to step out of the way. I started going out on fires with him when I was just a teenager. I initially went on fire calls to try and help him with his overwhelming job, but this later grew into going on fire calls to help others, and that has been my reward these past 20 years or more as I have been a part of this great service. Now serving this community as a Fire Commissioner, I have the continued responsibility to see that the emergency needs of others are taken care of quickly and skillfully. The men and women of our Fire District can be counted on in times of need, and I have great confidence in them. It is my hope that you never need our services, but have comfort knowing that we are here just in case.