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Hospital and Fire Sign Joint Ambulance Service Proposal, Aug 25, 2014 

Teton Valley Health Care, Inc. (TVHC), and the Teton County Fire Protection District (TCFPD) recently signed a collaborative agreement that forms the Teton County Ambulance System (TCAS). The contract, forming TCAS, was presented to the county’s Ambulance Service District (ASD) on Monday, and the ASD (made up of county commissioners) accepted the agreement. Beginning in October 2014, the two agencies will provide county ambulance service under the administration of a joint committee with contract oversight from the ASD.

“Both of our organizations have agreed to contribute funding toward the partnership so that costs to our taxpayers will not increase. The cost will remain the same as last year’s budget but the community reaps the benefit of an additional staffed ambulance,” said Keith Gnagey, CEO for TVHC.

Moving forward, the TCAS will operate two paramedic-staffed ambulances with two additional ambulances available for back-up response. The staffed ambulances will be housed respectively in Victor at Fire Station #2 and in Driggs at TVHC. Each staffed ambulance with provide back-up support, and a third ambulance is available when necessary. The fourth TCAS ambulance will be available for special events and for use when one of the other three ambulances is offline for maintenance.

“Our collective efforts will deliver a higher level of service by providing two frontline paramedic ambulances as well as a third staffed back-up ambulance,” said Chief Campbell.

The TCAS will offer efficiencies in personnel training and operations through intra-department team training, which should result in improved continuity of care, reduced overall training costs and stronger purchasing power for supplies and equipment.

As October draws near, the TCAS partners—Teton County Fire Protection District and Teton Valley Health Care, Inc.—will organize a free community event that publicizes the collaborative service offering.

To view the ambulance service partnership agreement contract in its entirety, please visit or