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Fire Danger and Burn Permit Information,  Jul 25, 2016

For daily conditions, please check the NOAA page for our local forecast area. You can also check the Daily Air Quality Report from the Department of Environmental Quality, be sure to use the drop down and select Idaho Falls area.  Lastly, you can also check the Eastern Idaho Interagency Fire Center for even more information on local conditions.

The Teton County Fire & Rescue Department issues burn permits in accordance with the International Fire Code, as adopted by Teton County, Idaho. The fire department reminds all Teton County residents and visitors that a burn permit is required for the kindling or maintaining of an open fire on any public or private ground.

To obtain a burn permit, visit the Driggs or Victor fire station and review the provisions below. Burn permits are free and are effective for multiple burns throughout a calendar year.

A burn permit is subject to the following requirements:

  1. The Teton County Emergency Dispatch Center shall be notified prior to and at the conclusion of each controlled burn.
    The non-emergency dispatch number is 354-2323
  2. All controlled burns shall be conducted after dawn and extinguished before dusk.
  3. No open burning shall be kindled or allowed to burn within 50 feet of any structure.
  4. Controlled burns shall be attended at all times by a responsible adult until extinguished.
  5. The attendant shall have the resources to extinguish the fire at all times.
  6. The Fire Code Official may prohibit fires when atmospheric conditions or local circumstances make such controlled burn hazardous.
  7. Burning shall not be permitted when wind speeds are greater than 10mph.
  8. Burning is permitted by property owners, legal occupants and/or authorized individuals.
  9. The permit holder is responsible for complying and abiding all applicable Local, State and Federal laws.
  10. The permit holder will release and hold harmless the Teton County Fire Protection District from any and all liability or damages that may result from this permitted open burning.

Recreational fires do not require a burn permit but must adhere to the following stipulations. A fire is considered recreational in nature when the pile size is 3 feet or less in diameter and 2 feet or less in height.

  • Fires must be within an improved fire pit in a developed area.
  • Fires must be at least 25 feet from any structure or other combustible material.
  • A responsible adult must attend the fire at all times.
  • A means of extinguishing the fire must be present at all times.

Burn restriction inquiries for the surrounding forests should be directed to the National Forest Service—Teton Basin at: 208-354-2431.

The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality prohibits burning the following: motor vehicles and salvage; tires and rubber materials; dead animals; animal feces; plastics, asphalt or composition roofing; tar; tar paper; heavy petroleum products; paints; lumber or timbers treated with preservatives; trade waste; insulated wires; pathogenic wastes or hazardous waste. Consult the Department of Environmental Quality for further assistance at: 280-528-2650.