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Fighting the Tie Fire,  Sep 2, 2016 

We are grateful and proud of our firefighters as they support the Great Basin Team 5 in fighting the #TieFire. Since the initial attack on August 23, we’ve had crews and equipment on the ground – four to six firefighters as well as two heavy engines and a water tender. The days are long, hot, and demanding. At 06:00 each day, fire crews start their day by attending a morning briefing where they learn about the fire’s activity, the day’s objectives, and the weather forecast. They spend 10-12 hours on the ground fighting the fire before returning home (or to camp for the Great Basin Team 5 firefighters). Great job and many thanks to our firefighters and their Great Basin Team 5 counterparts! We are so grateful.

Photo: FF/Paramedic Greg Steele (left), Chief Bret Campbell (center), and Div Chief of Training Jon Wisby (right).