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Erin Borbet

Position: District 1 Fire Commissioner
Term: January 2028
A smiling woman in a black top with a green leafy background.

 Years of Service: District 1 Fire Commissioner since 2022;

Training Highlights: While I have no formal training in Fire or EMS, I am a clinical provider of Acupuncture and maintain active CPR certifications. I attend Fire Commissioners conferences when I can to gain more insight as to creative ways to be effective in this role. 

Hometown and Year in Teton Valley: I'm originally from Minnetonka, Minnesota and moved to the valley in 2016 after 8 years in Manhattan, NYC

Personal Details (family and hobbies):  I'm the mom to 3 super-kiddos and married to artist Borbay. I have my Masters of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine and I have had a private acupuncture and herbal medicine practice in Victor Idaho since 2018. Prior to that I ran a busy clinical practice in NYC for 8 years. My expertise is in women's health, but I serve clients with various wellness goals. I speak several languages and love to travel, am an avid chef, play golf in the summers and dream about golf in the winters (haha - with some cross country skiing in there too).

Why did you want to become a firefighter/commissioner? My first interaction with the EMS department was when my son suffered a severe head injury and we experienced first hand the importance of these services in our small valley. Thanks to their expert care, we were swiftly transported to Idaho Falls where he could receive the pediatric care necessary. In the years following, I had gotten to know various members of the Fire District in less emergent-capacities - bringing me to an even deeper level of respect and awe for their service. Having been involved in many board capacities and being an entrepreneur for the past 13 years, I was drawn to supporting the District using my unique skills in these areas as a Commissioner. When the opportunity arose to fill a seat as the District 1 Fire Commissioner, I was eager to apply and am beyond honored, grateful + humbled to serve in this role for our district and for our community.