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Does the Fire Department have a Volunteer Program? Mar 11, 2016 


Teton County Fire & Rescue employs both Career and Reserve/Volunteer personnel. This staffing model is
referred to as a combination department, which is one of the most efficient and economical delivery
systems in emergency services.

Career and Reserve/Volunteer personnel provide the optimal balance between reliability and flexibility.
Required to complete the same training requirements and achieve the same proficiency in all-hazard response (fire, EMS, vehicle extrication, specialized rescue, hazardous materials), Reserve/Volunteer personnel—like Career—fill on-duty and off-duty staffing response needs. On-duty staff provide an immediate response capable of answering the majority of emergencies. Off-duty staff is the second wave of responders and provides human assets for larger or prolonged emergencies requiring more personnel. Having a Reserve/Volunteer program is an essential component of our department, one that has existed since our inception. Attracting, recruiting and maintaining the Reserve/Volunteer program can be challenging with the level of commitment and responsibility required of the personnel. We proudly congratulate the following individuals who recently completed the department’s training program and are awaiting state certification: Alex Foster, Scott Hansen, Briana Leaver, Everett Park, Ryan Thompson and Chad Woolstenhulme.

As customary in the industry, our Reserve/Volunteer personnel are paid per call and for training time.

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